Logo with the background image of a n open book with a bite out of the middle, in a circular pattern the words: Research Bites: à la carte research support

Research-Bites: à la carte Research support

Workshops, Individual Consults, Brainstorm Sessions and more!

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About Me

As an academic librarian, academic resource center director, and PhD researcher, I have been privileged to experience research on many levels. From my years teaching and instructing undergraduates and graduate students, to research support for students, faculty, and staff, at various institutions: community colleges, private and public universities, and a seminary.

Research is my passion, I enjoy working one-on-one and in small groups with students and individuals on whatever their projects, passions, and research needs are. Research-bites services are about providing whatever research support is needed, so that everyone and anyone can get the support they need, no matter how “small”: from single brainstorm sessions, to source organization, to project workshops, conference presentation practice and review, and more.

My research philosophy incorporates these three elements of research: information literacy, writing, and analysis. These three elements are important building blocks of good research and strengthening research skills—skills that transfer to all life needs, projects, classes, and careers.

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