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Simplified Science

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively break down and simplify complicated science to layman terms and information.

Practical Takeaways

Alongside the "Why", we present the "How" through a series of easy and practical takeaways in each article.

All Learning Styles

We provide our information in written, audio and video format to cater to all different learners!

What do I get?

Weekly Articles

Every week, we upload an in-depth, but plainly-written article exploring a popular area of nutritional science. In each article, we briefly break down the science and current evidence followed by an outline of practical strategies that you can begin to implement in the real world! 

What do I get?

Video Breakdowns

Alongside every article, you will recieve a 10 – 20 minute video where we break down the topic covered and provide a more concise understanding of the topic. 

Member's Testimonials

I highly recommend Research Bites to anyone with a general interest in nutrition and nutrition research, anybody studying in the field and also any athletes who are looking to further their knowledge of nutrition performance to maximise their potential.
Conor McNamee
As a coach, it's my duty to apply the latest science in exercise and nutrition into my coaching practice so that my clients can get the best results. Research Bites allows me to stay up to date with new research broken down into quick and easily digestible format so I can save time and apply it into my coaching straight away. Knowing the caliber of the authors means trust that the information is unbiased and correct. Whether you are a coach, athlete or just interested in learning the science, this is a very valuable platform that I wish was around when I started getting into health and fitness!
Aaron O'Malley
Research Bites does exactly what is says on the tin - 'Bringing the world of nutrition and health science to your fingertips'. If you think you know it all then good luck to you and don't bother signing up to anything BUT if you're like me and love to learn then gobble up every last bit of this super resource. Having worked with Evan, I appreciate his straight-talking, no bullshit approach. The Research Bites team make interesting topics easy to digest, what more could you want!
Sarah Curtin
ultra-endurance athlete

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